Acne Before & After Testimonials

“I have tried ALOT of different things, Proactiv, Murad, regular store products like Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Sephora products, Allure, even Great Value knock offs……..all with either temporary or nonexistent effects. I was even seen by a dermatologist, who’s only solution was to prescribe me medication called clindamycin. Obviously to no avail.
I finally, finally, finally had enough of the random breakouts, so I decided to look for a local Aesthetician; this would turn out to be one of my greatest decisions ever made. Through my search I had found Denise at Face It Beautiful Skin Care.” -F.K

“Denise is such an amazing person she really wants what’s best for you and your skin.My skin is so much better. I don’t breakout as much as I used to and my pores are less visible after I did the acne program.It was definitely worth it.” -A.J

“I could not be luckier to have found someone as amazing as Denise! I came to her for skin care after years of dealing with bad acne and persistent breakouts since fourth grade. Reeling from numerous unsuccessful treatments (ranging from topical meds from my doctor to monthly facials) for my skin, I was convinced that I could never outgrow my acne. However, within the first two weeks of an acne treatment program with Denise, I saw improvement in my skin. Over a few months, my pimples began to fade, my scarring reduced, my skin produced fewer blackheads, and my face had never looked so clear! A year after beginning treatment with Denise, and my acne is about 95% gone. I no longer feel like I am obscured by my bad skin; instead, I am confident in myself and eternally grateful to Denise for her phenomenal abilities and kind, gracious personality.” -D.S

“Denise has transformed my skin!! IMG_2209
Without her magical hands and AMAZING acne program, I would still be suffering from constant breakouts and being self conscious about my skin. Definitely make an appointment to see her, you will not be disappointed.” -L.C

“I came to Denise at Face It Beautiful over two years ago when my acne was at it’s jonathan-borst-b-after-june-2016worst. She examined my skin and gave me a personalized plan for how to care for my skin at home including face washes, moisturizers, and sunblock. Denise was able to answer any questions I had about my skin confidently; she is very friendly and understanding. More importantly, her facials made a noticeable positive difference on my skin! After my acne had cleared, peels that she tailored to my face ensured that I did not have any left over scars or blemishes. To this day, I still go to Denise if I have any questions about my skin or if I need to clear up a breakout in a hurry.” –J.B

“I have been following Denise around for about 4 years now! She is amazing, she is very IMG_1453attentive to your needs, gentle, and pays great attention to detail. I have been battling acne my whole life and ever since I have been consistently coming to her she has kept it as acne free as possible. From her acne facials, to chemical peels (to reduce scarring) I love it all. Her pricing is very reasonable as well! I recommend her to all my friends and family. She also offers information on products/ingredients to avoid that can be pore clogging. Her little pamphlets are a life saver, I bring them with me to the store every time I want to buy new face products just to make sure nothing will cause an acne flare up.” –K.D

“I’ve been coming to Denise for my facial treatments for the past 7 months to clear up my josh-lawrence-july-2016acne and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve struggled with acne since 5th grade and have tried almost everything, including Accutane and Amneseteem. I love how the Face Reality products make my face look and feel. My routine is well worth the results I’ve gotten. I couldn’t be happier! I get so many compliments on my skin whether I wear makeup or not, and I’m not reliant on makeup because my skin simply looks amazing. Makeup makes my skin look even better than I ever imagined.” –J.L

IMG_1451“The Face It Beautiful Acne Program has been a miracle in my life! I have struggled with acne since high school and many products and treatments would not work. Denise introduced me to this program and I have never had results like this. My skin is clearer and I have received compliments on how great it looks. I have much more confidence and I am grateful to have access to these products!” A.B

“I’ve had acne problems for years, but IMG_1457when I was in high school the acne on my back became very inflamed and painful. After several treatments with Denise at Face It Beautiful, much of the inflammation was gone, and the treatments helped with the scarring as well. I’ve also had many face treatments with Denise, which always seem to help alleviate my acne. She is very friendly and professional and is always happy to advise on home care procedures or provide products in addition to the treatment. I also like how she explains the reasoning behind each step. It is great to have someone to rely on for quality skincare treatments and advice.” -N.F

“When I went to see Denise I had painful breakouts on my forehead and chin that affected IMG_1460my daily confidence. She educated me on products I was using, products that were actually damaging & too abrasive and she informed me how to properly care for my skin. I love that her products are all natural so they’re gentle on my skin but also very effective. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone that is lacking confidence due to acne issues!” –C.L